Professional Certified Coach - Founder

Amy is known for her ability to be present, nurturing, and challenging at the same time. She is patient, creative and innovative when working with complex family dynamics, and finds that a coach approach is most effective to inspire positive change for businesses, families, organizations and all areas of life.

Amy first developed her coaching skills as a parent coach in 2005 through Parent Coach International. Since then, Amy embraced the International Coach Federation standards and competencies through coach certification with the George Mason Leadership Coaching Program for Organizational Well-being. Inspired by these rigorous coach training experiences, Amy has not only launched The Center for Coach Development, but also expanded the field of coaching into the social service arena. She has introduced coaching as a supportive dispute resolution process in a Central Ohio domestic relations court, and also offers private coaching services to parents struggling to co-parent after separation or divorce.

In 2015, Amy founded The Center for Family Resolution, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, to reach hundreds of families as they struggle with everyday challenges as well as major life and relationship transitions. The Center for Family Resolution offers not only coaching, but also classes, mediation, and parenting coordination to help keep families out of court. In 2020, The Center for Family Resolution received the community leadership award for work with parents at the Gladden Community House in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus.

As a coach to hundreds of parents, family businesses, and individuals, Amy inspires self-awareness, skillful communication and solutions aligned with the key values identified in the coaching process. Amy empowers parents to recognize their innate ability to create sustainable positive change. Parents discover ways to expand their own perspective and choose new habits to guide children’s behavior, create a secure environment, and uplift children out of difficult behavior, sadness or anxiety. Co-parenting becomes less challenging even in the midst of relationship turmoil. Clients discover how to put their best intentions into action to keep children out of the middle of conflict, and reduce tension for everyone involved.

As she observes the family, Amy finds a way to bring attention to the family dynamic. Once the “elephant in the room” is tamed, parents get a new perspective and learn how their interactions and habits impact the entire family. Amy offers a “behind closed doors” service to stay with a family in their home for 2-4 days to observe and name the habits in Real-Time. She affectionately calls it the Healing Home Invasion. Whether the problems relate to schedules, discipline, routines, technology use, or homework (anything!) Real-Time means two things – addressing the patterns and habits as they are unfolding in the moment, and having real, authentic and honest conversations, maybe even for the first time.

Working closely with colleagues, Amy is an active Board member and past president of the Ohio Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She, collaborates with other professionals to create progressive interventions for court-involved families. Additionally, Amy is a past president of the Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce professionals – a professional organization that supports out-of-court settlement for divorce. Amy also serves as a clinician with the Overcoming Barriers Family Programs for high-conflict families where a child resists contact with a parent. Using the Overcoming Barriers model, she leads family intensive weekends and creatively addresses on-going parental conflict.

Amy’s first book is a parent guide - Real-Time Parenting: Choose Your Action Steps for the Present Moment, available in March, 2021.

Amy Armstrong

Master Professional Certified Coach

Ellen Fulton’s mission is to elevate the conversations people have in the world and to support an increased consciousness for coaches, leaders, and organizations. She challenges clients to perform their own inner work with the understanding that an individual’s success is directly proportional to their self-awareness. She supports clients to build a robust perspective and equips them to take actions to achieve results. Ellen works with individuals, teams, and coaches to clarify their strengths and values, uncover blind spots, explore biases, and foster effective communication and confidence in order to positively impact their success.

As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) – the highest designation awarded by the International Coaching Federation -- Ellen has extensive experience working with private clients and executives in government, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and universities across 5 continents. She has worked with 1000s of individuals and teams at all levels of leadership to include C-Suite, mid-level managers, and individual contributors.

Fueled by her extensive coaching experience, Ellen is a dedicated leader within the field of coach education. She is passionate about building and enhancing the skills of coaches globally. Along with serving as Senior Advisor and Faculty for the Center for Coach Development, Ellen is the MCC Director of Training for the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program at George Mason University, and founder of Conversations2Mastery which supports Professional Coaches working to become Master Certified Coaches with the International Coaching Federation.

Ellen was educated as a coach at Georgetown University and supported by her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in counseling. As a married mother of twins, she lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is an avid boater, Master Scuba Diver, and wildlife photographer.

Ellen Fulton

Professional Certified Coach

Dean Cox has more than 30 years of experience in the world of learning and in his work as a coach. He has helped build learning plans for individuals and teams to enhance job skills, build strengths, and increase awareness of different working and thinking styles. Dean has a proven track record of coaching and consulting for those who are designing, developing, and implementing their own programs. Through his company The Strongest Link, Dean specializes in coaching facilitation skills, leadership skills, and helping individuals overcome personal barriers that keep them from reaching their true potential.

Prior to becoming a Leadership and Team Effectiveness Coach, Dean spent more than 25 years in various forms of education for both adults and children. Understanding the similarities and differences has instilled in him the necessity for knowing an audience and their needs.

Dean holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education from the University of Illinois. He has also earned certification as a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation and Certified Professional Coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Dean is Energy Level Index (ELI) Master Practitioner, and uses the ELI assessment as a tool to enhance self-awareness in the coaching process. Additionally, Dean spent 3 years on the Board of Directors for the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, and serves his local community in the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association.

Dean Cox