Become a Coach

The mission of the Center for Coach Development is to engage motivated professionals in a safe, dynamic, challenging and nurturing space to develop the mindset and skills of an outstanding coach.

Coaching is a distinct role from consulting, teaching, mentoring and counseling. The coach is in a unique position to offer a creative conversational space in which the coachee discovers their own authentic solutions and action steps for present-day issues. The coach is both a thinking partner and a catalyst for expanding one’s perspective.

A coach approach gives any professional role greater impact for transformational change. Deep listening and insightful questions invoke self-awareness in any interaction.

Coaching is both a profession and a skillset

Her are a few questions to consider if you are thinking of becoming a coach for any domain - work, life or parent coaching:

  • Powerful & Miraculous

    Do you like to stand side-by-side with others as they grow in powerful and miraculous ways?

  • Aware & Insightful

    Do you believe people have the capacity to gain awareness and insight to solve their own issues?

  • Self-regulated & Mindful

    Do you want to develop you own capacity to self-manage and be with others in mindful awareness?

  • Inspired & Responsive

    Do you have the longing or calling to catalyze positive change in others?

Foundations Certificate Program: 75+ hours of instructions

The curriculum revolves around the 8 core competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The Foundations Certificate Program is an accredited ICF training program which meets the educational requirements for an ICF Credential. Packed with interactive instruction and opportunities for participation, CCD engages students to fully embody a coaching mindset and inspires on-going learning.
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Embody the Coaching Mindset...

...and develop skills in core competencies through this comprehensive and interactive mindfulness-based certificate program.

Learning objectives include:

Demonstrate Compentence

Graduates will accurately describe and skillfully demonstrate the International Coach Federation core competencies within a 30-minute coaching session with a pro-bono coachee.

Discover Biases

Students will discover beliefs, biases and behaviors in themselves that support or sabotage the coach – coachee partnership.

Understand Distinctions

Students will identify the distinctions between coaching, therapy, consulting, mentoring and teaching. Students will explore their identity as a helping professional.

Apply Learning

Students will explore and discuss the application of coaching skills to their chosen profession and field.

Experience Coaching

Students will engage as a coachee and discuss their experience being coached.

Aspire to Grow

Students will identify growth edges for further development in the competencies.

Engage & Support

Students will engage with the cohort and support the learning of other students as well as their own.

Earn ICF Credentials


  • Coursework

    Take the Center for Coach Development foundations course (75+ classroom hours, virtual)

Additional ICF Requirements

  • Mentoring

    Work with an ICF certified mentor for 10 hours (7 of the hours can be in a group)

  • 100 Hours of Coaching

    Accumulate 100 hours of coaching, including up to 30 pro-bono coaching hours

  • Recorded Sessions

    Submit and pass a 30-minute recording to demonstrate the ICF competencies in coaching

  • Examination

    Take and pass a knowledge assessment