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Jamie Davis

“I was excited to join this coach training because I wanted to move my work in the direction of coaching clients in an introspective and empowering practice. The sessions were..."
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Mary T. (Terri) Johnston

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Tailie Davis-Weir

“This class was an incredible opportunity to grow and learn alongside other amazing leaders. As a seasoned coach with over a decade of experience, I was never bored. I found..."
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Lori Gase Ludwig

“Joining the inaugural cohort with The Center For Coach Development was beneficial beyond my expectations! Amy cultivated a learning environment and community where I felt safe to grow and expand..."
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Dennis Trucks

“Participating in this program has given me new perspectives about our capabilities as human beings. We have the answers inside of us! Amy has put together a strong Coaching Program...."
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Wendi Stern

“Amy, thank you for encouraging me to take this class. It was super beneficial and I will cherish the beautiful friendships and professional connections created for a lifetime. This experience..."
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Scott Friedman

“I was blown away by all of the benefits I received by taking Amy’s training sessions. First, I met some amazing people who were in my training class that I..."
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Megan Melby-Browning

“Amy’s ICF Coaching Certification Course exceeded my expectations in every way. I planned to earn a certification to help clients unlock their full potential through this course, and I ended..."
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